Air Plants That Do Well Inside

These wispy leafed plants do best inside and do require a little more care on your part. Remember when keeping your plants indoors to supply adequate light. A bright room is essential with sunlight coming in the window at least 4 hours a day. The plant should be in an open area with good air circulation as well. The plants listed below will require misting and I always suggest a good soaking at least once a week.

Festucoides: A very graceful, tall plant. It tends to purplish coloring. The inflorescence is dark purplish red with violet blooms. It does well standing alone as a center piece or arrangement on a dining table. The leaves are thin but stand nicely when properly hydrated.

Tenufolia Blue: This plant is stiff leafed, what I personally call brushy. It reminds me of a whisk broom. Because of this stiffness, it does best without any direct sunlight as it dries out with too much sun or heat. The clumping effect is gorgeous and it has a stem effect allowing for great display. Place it in a vase. Keep it misted, soaked and fertilized monthly for wonderful blooms throughout the year.

Argentea (Fushii): This is a wonderful plant that tolerates shade much better than most Tillandsia. It sits happily in a shallow container (sit atop of pebbles to keep its bottom dry) and stays perky with misting. The inflorescence grows in a stately manner with violet/blue flowers that have dainty yellow stamen extending from the bloom. It is smaller sized and clumps beautifully allowing for multiple blooms.

Juncea: I have had much trial and error with this plant but now am glad I kept trying. It will do well indoors as long as your room is bright and you can place in front of window for a few hours a day. It does best within 3 feet of a bright east or west window. A good soaking weekly and an occasional misting is fine for it and you can actually tell by looking at it when its thirsty. It has a silvery gray leaf and also has prominent yellow stamen on its violet blue blooms.

Magnusiana: A favorite of mine. It is soft and delicate looking, requires little misting, grows rather large, clumps nicely, sits in a shallow container nicely. This plant colors to red on the top, when ready to bud, giving a nice two tone effect with very pretty bloom

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