Artificial Lighting & Growing Air Plants Inside

Many people that love air plants live in the north or other regions that are not conducive to keeping your air plants outside. So what is the best way to keep them healthy and happy inside?

1. They need bright sunlight but will not survive on a hot (or cold) window sill so my suggestion is to place them within 3 feet of the window. Some ideas for this: A decorative rack, bird cage holder, or plant stand. Remember you can hang air plants from fishing line, decorative pot hangers or even curtain rods. Just attach your plants root to the line, attach a hook and arrange to your hearts content...

2. They need moisture. Place a tray of pebbles filled with water beneath your arrangements. Don't fill it over the pebbles so that the water doesn't touch your plants. This provides humidity and also collects the excess when you mist them daily. Remember to soak them weekly for at least an hour. Fertilize once a month.

Incandescent Plant Grow Lights

Most incandescent plant lights are best used to highlight indoor plant groupings and have very little use as a true plant 'growing' light, even those that are labeled as a "grow light". Newer color corrected incandescent spot grow bulbs are suitable for adding supplemental light or highlighting to a single plant, such as an orchid or indoor bonsai tree. However, you should never place an incandescent bulb closer than 24 inches over your plants. Incandescents burn very hot and will burn plants when placed close enough for them to appreciably affect plant growth. Most incandescent bulbs have an average life span of 750 hours.

Sodium Lamp (High Pressure Sodium Lamp)

High-pressure sodium lamps operate by igniting sodium, mercury, and xenon gases within a sealed, ceramic arc tube. Sodium lamps emit light energy in the yellow/red/orange regions of the spectrum; the red spectrum stimulates flowering, and fruit production. Many indoor gardeners switch to sodium lamps when it is time to induce flowering or fruiting of their plants.


A sodium bulb which, according to the manufacturer, Philips Lighting, produces 30% more blue light than standard sodium bulbs. The 430-watt Son Agro also emits 6% more light than the standard 400-watt sodium lamp.

Metal-Halide Lamp (LH Lamp)

A high-intensity discharge lamp in which the light is produced by arcing electricity through a mixture of metal halides. The light produced by metal halide lamps is in the white-blue spectrum, which encourages vegetative growth and "bushiness," while discouraging upward growth. This is the bulb to use in the first, vegetative phase of plant growth.

Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes

20-watt The Best All-Around Lighting for Seedlings to Houseplants!

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