Growing Tillandsia is Addictive

Growing Tillandsia is addictive. The first time you see an air plant in bloom you are amazed and caught. How can something that looks so strange have such a beautiful flower and believe me there are species of Tillandsia that look alien or just plain ugly and to see these beautiful stems (inflorescence) sprouting many delicate, gorgeous blooms is awe inspiring.

Once you are hooked on air plants and you have started your collection, be aware. Tillandsia's are at times frustrating. A learning curve is required and of course hands on experience is always the best teacher. I am learning daily and although I have had some great successes, failures are not few and far between. This page and these articles are things that I have learned, mostly the hard way. I really just wanted to share so that my customers, friends, and fellow hobbyist can learn from my mistakes. I am not an expert but chances are I have come across your problem or stumbled onto the answer to your question at one time or another.

A little history is in order I guess. I bought one plant at a Flea Market, then another. I live in Florida so I started noticing them all around but had never seen one flower. The ones I bought never really did anything, didn't grow, didn't flower, didn't die... I was curious so I started doing some research that's when I saw the pictures of the blooms and just had to have some more.

Watching my pennies was an issue so I decided to buy and resell them thereby having a purpose for my extravagance. I ordered in a wholesale lot and got my first group "in bud" or flowering. I think I killed half of them before I sold one but instead of quitting, I just started learning and with much hard work my yard is in constant bloom and my business is doing great with thanks due to all of you. But mostly, I am happy with my airplants and hopefully I can help all of you with all the little issues I dealt with by writing these Tillandsia Snippets of information. Check back often. Bookmark us and don't hesitate to send questions for me to answer on the site and I will include these on my Blog Page. Happy growing!

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