Transitioning Your Air Plants from Winter to Summer

Now that the winter weather is behind us it is time to start moving your air plants outside for part of the day. Spring weather with its moisture and warmer temps is perfect as is the brightness of the sunlight.

There are a few important points to follow to ensure their happiness.

  1. Do not leave in direct sunlight long enough to sun burn your plant.
  2. Be sure that they are getting enough light.
  3. Do not place them in containers that block the air circulation around any part of the plant.
  4. Do not plant them! They do not require Soil or any other planting medium.
  5. They can be attached to trees or other plants as long as they get some bright light and are not totally hidden by the leaves. Remember they will not harm your trees or plant but they might root to the host if left long enough. This might cause difficulty when it's time to bring them inside again.
  6. Plants left outside in dry conditions still need to be watered. It will not be enough to hit them with the hose occasionally, Remember to check on them at least once a week to ensure they are happy and healthy in their location.
  7. If left outside, you can reduce the fertilizer as they will be getting some natural fertilizer from birds, bugs, spiders, etc., but if they look unhappy, soak them in a bath with mild bromeliad fertilizer for an hour or more each month.
  8. Most importantly, Do Not Forget them. They flower and pup during this upcoming season so ENJOY THEM!!

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