Winterizing Your Air Plants

Winterizing your Air Plants Common sense tells us that tropical Tillandsia will not withstand winter. So those of you who live in the North have already brought them inside. This is just the beginning though. In order for your Air Plants to survive winter inside, you need to make some small adjustments to their environment.

Chances are that you have electric or gas heat in your home. This type of heat is very drying as we all know from the changes in our own skin. It will reduce the humidity in our homes and this can be detrimental to your Air Plant. Air misting is one way to combat this dryness and should be done daily. Air Misting is different then plant misting.

In a prior article, I talked about plant misting and making sure that you saturate your plant, in Air Misting all you are doing is wetting the atmosphere around your plants and is exactly what it sounds like. Spritzing some water in the general area around your plants occasionally during the day.

Another way to increase the humidity is to place some decorative bowls of gravel or shells around your plant area and keep them filled with water. I like to do this with colorful glass bowls or vases on my window sills so that they catch and reflect the light.

Other winter considerations:

Fireplaces. Make sure your plants are a good distance from the heat and embers of your fireplace.

Air Circulation. Your plants need to have air enough to dry them after watering but should not be placed too close to a heater duct.

Light. Bright light is important and if can be supplied naturally then by all means use artificial lighting. Do not place your air plants too close to an incandescent bulb though and please read my article on Indoor Lighting. Also, please do not place your air plants in your Christmas Tree. The lights on the tree are hot and will burn your plants.

Lastly, if you open your window during the day for fresh air, make sure your plant is not effected. Going from room temp to cold will hurt your air plant. Oh and make sure that if you are spraying your room with that wonderful air freshener, you are not spraying your plant with it.

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