Tillandsia Colombia moss cascading over a display with a blooming ionantha Guatemala and tectorum Ecuador air plants

Shop Air Plant City This Valentine's Day

One day a year, designated to showing lovers and friends alike just how much you care for them. Can you guess what day that is? Valentine's Day! I bet you got that. It seems silly to think that the entire world only celebrates “love” one day out of the whole year...365 days and we are supposed to show all of that gratitude and appreciation on the 14th of February, but what happens after?

You can always buy roses, chocolates, and teddy bears (how cliché) and that is to be expected. Valentine's Day has become something predictable, but where’s the fun in that? Maybe you wanna spice it up this year, take this day and make it unpredictably memorable by gifting that special someone something that will stay around for a bit longer than cut flowers and Hershey's chocolate. 

Lucky for those of you needing a sentimental gift, Air Plant City has a huge selection of beautiful plants, terrariums, and information on how to make your air plant last all year round so that special someone can be reminded of just how loved they are! This gift guide gives you options and ideas to make Valentine’s Day memorable this year, and every year.


Select an Air Plant!

With such a variety of plants on our website, shopping can get overwhelming if you don't know what you’re looking for. Your first step in creating the perfect gift for your special someone is picking out the plant that stands out to you. With options like the beautiful Tillandsia Tectorum or the hanging Tillandsia Funkiana, these plants display a stunningly unique addition to any home. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

tillandsia tectorum ecuador air plant


Find the Perfect Terrarium

After picking out the perfect plant for your valentine, now it’s time to spice things up with an accessory to make this gift even more special. At Air Plant City, you can purchase terrariums and containers separately from the plants, or select your favorite terrarium with assorted air plants hand-selected by our team to ensure that your gift fits just right! 

Shop our most popular terrarium kit: Three Stunning Air Plant Terrariums


Shop our trendiest terrarium (as seen in below image): Heptahedron Geometric Glass Terrarium with Gold Metallic Finish 

tillandsia xerographica air plant inside of gold plated glass heptahedron terrarium


Is Wrapping Gifts Your Worst Nightmare?

Luckily, our team at Air Plant City cares about how you receive these charming plants, and the option for gift wrapping is always available on the website for just $5 additional! Our team will assemble your purchase to make unwrapping just as exciting as picking out the gift.

Don't forget to add your personalized Gift Note in the "Notes to Air Plant City" during checkout!

air plant city branded gift bag for tillandsia air plant gifts


Got a Budget?

We are here for it – Air Plant City has products for sale all the time! Air plants and their accessories don’t have to be expensive. Sale items such as the 6 or 12 pack of Metal Pendant Hangers with assorted plants reach discounts of up to 40% off! Make buying gifts easy and stress-free on you, and your wallet for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. 

3 hanging metal pendants suspended from hemp containing assorted tillandsia air plants


Don’t know what to get?

No problem! Air Plant City conveniently offers gift cards ranging from $10-$300 – depending how generous you're feeling. If your partner is picky, let them find the air plant that stands out to them while still gifting something meaningful. From picky to positive, we are here for all of our air plant-loving customers, those who are new to air plants, and the experts that visit our site every day!

Make Valentine’s Day memorable on the 14th, and the rest of the year and show how unique your love is to whoever you may be celebrating with. 

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