Wholesale Program

Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

1. Can I Order Wholesale Air Plants?

Anyone can order from our Wholesale pages. We have designed our site so wholesale and bulk ordering can easily be done online These pages are very popular for Retailers, Event Planners, and Florists, but the only requirement is that you order the Minimum required per plant or variety. The minimum is normally 6 or 12 of a species. Anyone who loves air plants is welcome to order in bulk! The site will not let you add less than the required amount of plants to your cart so you cannot make a mistake.


2. Do You Need My Business License/Tax ID Information?

No. Since sales tax is only charged to orders shipped to Florida, there is no need to provide us with your Business License or Tax ID information. We will gladly refund sales tax for wholesale orders shipped to the State of Florida. Please include an Order Note at checkout or email us a reminder.


3. Do I Need To Make A Wholesale Account?

No. Anyone can order from our Wholesale selection without setting up an account. We do not keep your credit card information on file so you will be prompted to fill out our quick one page checkout when making repeat orders. You can make customer account here if you would like to facilitate ordering, but it is not required.


4. Where Are Your Wholesale Listings?

Please see the wholesale dropdown on our website.


5. What Are Your Wholesale Prices?

Our wholesale prices are found on the website on our wholesale pages. The price listed is per plant, glass globe, or terrarium. All orders over $60 ship for free.


6. What Payment Methods Do You Accept For Wholesale Orders?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Pay with Amazon. Payment is due at checkout. We do not accept purchase orders without advance payment. 

7. Do You Offer Wholesale Quantity Discounts?

Yes. Automatic discounts are applied to the cart when you buy wholesale items and meet certain thresholds. Mix and match any wholesale items, allowing that you meet the individual products' minimum quantity, to achieve the below savings.

Please note, coupon codes cannot be combined with automatic wholesale discounts as the wholesale price is the most discounted price we can offer.


Automatic Discount









8. What Are Your Best Sellers For The Retail Setting?

One of our most popular products for re-sellers who are looking to purchase a collection of air plants for their shop is the Resale Bundle which features a set of 48 plants. There are 6 of the large species included in this set, including the popular Xerographica. This assortment of air plants is proven to sell fast and compliment other items you may be selling. The Bulk Ionantha Collection and Xerographica are also very popular.


9. I Am A Retailer. How Do I Price The Plants For My Shop?

We recommend using the retail pages on our website to price out your plants. For many plants you can double the cost of the plant for retail.


10. Do You Offer The Same 30 Day Guarantee For Wholesale?

Yes. Our 30 Day Guarantee can work for you and your customers. We urge re-sellers of our plants to offer their customers a 30 day guarantee. If one of your customer’s loses a plant, have them return the plant to you and replace it for them, free of charge. Notify the Air Plant Shop during your next order and we will send along the replacement plant to you for free. We have found that our air plant guarantee reassures customers and leads to repeat business


11. How Fast Will My Wholesale Order Arrive?

We provide the same level of customer service to our re-sellers, including the 30 day guarantee and the same expedited shipping method. Our orders generally arrive to wholesale customers within 3-5 days after the order is placed. We ship via USPS Priority Mail.


12. Can You Rush My Order?

Although we often say there are no air plant emergencies, we understand that sometimes you need your tillandsias right away. Before you worry about over-nighting, be advised that we use USPS Priority Mail as our shipping service. This means that most orders will arrive 2 or 3 days after they leave our greenhouse. Most orders are shipped the next business day. If you absolutely need the plants sooner, you can call us at 904-429-5716 or email us Service@AirPlantCity.com for arrangements. Overnight service is normally an additional $40-70 depending on the amount of plants ordered. During times of high volume we will not be able to accommodate rush orders