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Air Plants: One of Nature's Little Curiosities

Take me to the tillies!
Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants
Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants
Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants
Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants
2 Tillandsia Velutina Air Plants
3 Tillandsia Caput Medusae Air Plants
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    • AIR PLANT COMBINATION PACK: Our choice of the best 10 small, medium, and large air plants that we have in stock. This set will include at least 6 different species and a total count of 10 plants! A great starter pack of air plants. Plants vary considerably in size and will not always arrive in blush or bloom. Feel free to write us an order note letting us know if you have size requirements for your project.
    • COLOR: Varying shades of green  
    • WATER: Mist with weekly water bath
    • MOUNTING: Easy mount with glue
  • Width Height
    1-5 Inches 1-10 Inches
Tillandsia Air Plants Displays on a Shelf with Books

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