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Air Plant City's Holiday Gift Guide

We are officially into the holiday season and now is the time to start thinking about those special gifts! From rare species to trendy displays, air plants are low-maintenance, easy to ship, and make the perfect presents for the plant lovers on your list. Purchase ahead of time to personally deliver or choose our gift wrapping option and ship directly to your loved ones. Need a hand in deciding which products make the best gifts? Below are Air Plant City’s top five holiday gifts that will make shopping a breeze. We also offer electronic Gift Cards in various amounts to take out all the hard work of gifting. 

1. Gift Wrapped Air Plant Grab Bag Set

Complete with air plant fertilizer and a mister, this gift set includes everything needed to start or add to an air plant collection. We hand-pick ten of our favorite small to medium-sized plants and wrap them in our branded Air Plant City gift bag with our easy-to-follow air plant care instructions. Leave a personalized gift note and don’t forget to add a clump of our well-loved Spanish Moss!

air plant tillandsia gift bag

2. Specialty Air Plant Species

Air plants are becoming more and more popular but not everyone has the unique and rare species that we offer here at Air Plant City. Impressive large Tillandsia like our Capitata Salmon, Giant Tectorum, and everyone’s favorite, the Xerographica may look intimidating but they are just as easy and low-maintenance as any common houseplant! We also love the uniqueness and funky shapes of the Streptophylla (as seen in the image to the right), Funckiana Clumps, and Jonesii air plants. 

air plant tillandsia streptophylla premium

3. DIY Glass Diamond Terrarium

Our top pick for classy décor! These large terrariums hold two medium-sized plants and can be placed on any surface in a bright room or can be hung up near a window. The design is sleek and elegant with earthy tones from the optional beige river rock and preserved reindeer moss kit. 

air plant tillandsia diamond glass terrarium

4. Virgin Cork Bark Displays

While we often see air plants displayed in terrariums or ceramic vessels, your lucky plant parent will adore these all-natural wood displays that can sit flat or hang on a wall. Just attach the plants and the pieces are ready to go! We include everything needed for this DIY gift including the adhesive and assembly and care instructions. 

tillandsia cork bark display air plant

5. A La Carte Air Plants and Terrariums

Whether you are looking for the perfect plants for an already purchased vessel or want to get creative with selecting an air plant gift, we sell both air plants and holders individually or in various packs. The cute Ionantha Variety Packs are our smallest species that work great with tiny planters or to add little accents to larger displays. Looking for a variety of shapes and sizes? The Standard and Premium Grab Bags include several species to fit all of those fun displays. Try adding plants to our gold plated geometric Heptahedron Terrarium or hang them from the brilliant glass Light Bulb Terrarium pieces! Remember to purchase our air plant Mister and Fertilizer to keep those Tillandsia healthy and hydrated year-round. 

air plant tillandsia ionantha variety pack

If you are interested in corporate gifting for clients or employees, we have several bulk and wholesale gifting options. Be sure to follow Air Plant City on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our featured plants and products.

We hope you have safe and merry holidays!

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