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Your Simplified Corporate Gift Guide

Green Corporate Gifting Just Got Easier

Whether you work from home or in an office, plants are a lively way to spruce up any workspace. Air plants are the perfect gift for any colleague – not only do they brighten up your space, but they are also low-maintenance plants that will last a very long time (hopefully). Over the years have improved our corporate gifting fulfillment services. Some of our benefits include:
  • Corporate ordering incentives for early orders 
  • More options for employee gifts
  • More personalization options for your gifts
  • A stress-free fulfillment service 
  • All-in pricing (including shipping) starting at $9.95/person
  • Scheduling your shipments in advance for synchronized arrival
  • A great way to show appreciation to your team 

Our Most Popular Corporate Gifts 

3 Flat Bottom Glass Globe Terrariums with Moss and RIver Stone Accents containing Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

Why Gift Air Plants? 

Plants provide air for indoor spaces, but they are also mood-boosters. Not to mention they are known to increase productivity and creativity, making them ideal for a home or office setting. Employees will be excited to display their unique gifts. Plus, gifting plants is an easy way to show employees or team members how much you appreciate their hard work during a stressful times. Choose from a large selection of air plants, terrarium, and container options to show your employees how valued they are!

Personalize Your Gifts With Marketing and Branding Options 

Get creative with your gifting by sending us any stickers, drop cards, thank you cards, and custom tape you’d like to include with your gifts. If it fits, we are happy to include it to make sure your gifts feel as personal as possible. We even have options to attach personalized messages on the loop of the air plant, terrarium, ceramic vase, or metal pendant of your choosing. 

All gifts are customizable to your budget! We also include an air plant care card with every plant to make following care instructions easy. If you’d like to include company branding and marketing, it can be sent to us and included in shipments.

Email us at service@airplantcity.com or call us at (904) 429-5716 to connect with a team member and get a quote.

Shipping Options 

When it comes to shipping your gifts, you can use our shipping services, or you can use your own corporate UPS or FedEx account to ensure they arrive on time. We back all shipments with our 30-Day Replacement Plant Guarantee in the case of any issues during shipping. We provide you with an Excel template to make submitting your recipient list simple, and we will happily schedule your shipment to fit your schedule. Order in advance and we will take care of the fulfillment and shipping so that the plants arrive as fresh as possible. Keep in mind that our air plants can only be shipped to U.S. residents and we also require a minimum order of 50 recipients.

Email us at service@airplantcity.com or call us at (904) 429-5716 to get a custom quote!

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