Multiple air plant displays in a modern kitchen setting

5 Ways to Display Air Plants

Air plants are a versatile and dirt-free way to brighten up any space. Find inspiration for your home or office with our top 5 display ideas!
air plant terrarium container

1. Glass Terrariums 

Glass terrariums are a great way to display your air plants because they can be designed to be as simple or as colorful as you feel best suits your space. You can fill your terrarium with rocks, moss and more, or for a more simple look, just place one air plant inside. Terrariums also come in different shapes. For a more whimsical look, try our teardrop shaped terrarium – or go all out with a set of three. If you prefer something more simple, a globe terrarium is a good option – or buy our most popular globe terrarium set: Three Stunning Terrarium Collection. A trendy way to decorate with terrariums is by hanging them near a window or on an empty wall. All of the mentioned glass terrariums have loops on top for easy hanging capabilities and also have a flat bottom to sit on any surface!


Multiple Tillandsia Air Plant Displays on Kitchen Shelves Next to Plates and Bowls

2. Cork Bark

Displaying your air plants in cork bark is a cost-effective and sustainable way to achieve a rustic, natural look. Incorporating different sized slabs of cork bark can help create an eye-catching visual! Our Air Plant City cork bark is easy to cut into different shapes, making it ideal for hanging wall displays or table centerpieces. Plus, cork bark is renewable, meaning trees can regenerate their cork after it is removed making it an environmentally safe choice. The tree that produces the cork is not harmed in the process of removing it. At Air Plant City we provide the option to buy the cork bark separately and customize which plants to accessorize with or decide between small, medium or large cork bark with glue and hook and we decide the plant pairing!


3 Cholla Cactus Skeleton Containers with Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

3. Cholla Cactus Containers 

Another way to display your air plants is in Cholla Cactus containers. Cholla is a kind of cactus native to the deserts of the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico. The wood is naturally formed and when old pieces fall off of the cactus, it is collected and cleaned of thorns so it can be used for decoration. The many holes found in this wood makes it a great piece to decorate with especially with air plants. You can arrange the container vertically or horizontally to place your air plant in one of the Cholla’s many openings. Or, you can even place multiple air plants in a single piece of wood!

Purchase our Cholla Cactus Containers in a single pack, three pack or six pack!


4. Sea Urchins 

Sea Urchins are a cute, whimsical, and sometimes colorful way to display your air plants. These natural containers often have a small opening that can comfortably fit an air plant. A great feature of this kind of container is that they can be painted to match any other decor in the space you want to decorate! Mixing and matching different sizes of sea urchins and shells makes for the perfect beachy look. 

Buy our Sea Urchin Variety Pack with air plants in a three pack, six pack or nine pack!


Tillandsia Air Plants Displayed in Geometric Ceramic Holders on a Kitchen Windowsill

5. Geometric Containers 

Trendy yet simple, geometric metal hanging pendants are another way to display air plants. Similar to our glass hanging terrariums, geometric containers can be suspended in the air. Our metal pendants come with an assorted air plant that will fit perfectly in the lower diamond of the pendant. The iron structures will not rust or discolor from moisture as they are dipped in a plant-safe sealant. If you would prefer not to hang the containers, we also love our ceramic geometric containers with a flat bottom to sit on tables, windowsills, or desks. 

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