Thousands of red blooming tillandsia ionantha guatemala air plants on the farm

Air Plant Farming That’s Kind to the Environment

Air Plant Farming That’s Kind to the Environment

We ensure that all our air plants are farmed and collected in an environmentally friendly manner.

There are times when our customers ask us about our sustainability practices. They will want to know how we cultivate our Tillandsias and what effect, if any, there is on the plant’s natural environment. Given that our customers are environmentally conscious consumers that share our love of nature, it’s to be expected that they would ask these questions.

We source and grow our air plants in only the most environmentally conscious way.

Native Tillandsia are most commonly found in tropical parts of the Americas. They have long been seen by people as a prized piece of native flora. So much so, that some species, including Harrisii and Xerographica, came close to extinction several decades ago. This forced the hand of regulators who made it illegal to source these beautiful plants from their native environment.

At present, exporters of Tillandsia must prove to their agricultural department that plants were nursery grown and not collected from the wild. This has led to a slight rejuvenation of plant numbers in the wild.

After the implementation of these restrictions, growers have developed enhanced methods of producing these protected species in a nursery environment. This has increased their growth rate and made it possible for more consumers to enjoy these gorgeous plants in their homes.

What does this mean for us and our customers?

This means that first and foremost, we will only work alongside suppliers that have been certified by their governments for Tillandsia exportation. By doing this, we are proud to support sustainable practices that benefit environmentally conscious suppliers.

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The next time you order a stunning air plant from us, not only will you be able to enjoy its beautiful color and aesthetic appeal; you’ll know that it was grown and collected in an environmentally friendly way.

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