air plant Christmas tree

Air Plant Christmas Tree Care Guide

Enjoy the holidays with our most festive Tillandsia display yet, the live Air Plant Christmas Tree! Handmade and containing a beautiful selection of 50 air plants, this specialty item is cheerful and low maintenance. Following these care instructions will keep your tree extra healthy and cheerful this season!


The air plants are adhered to the wire base of the tree so they can’t be removed for soaking. Instead, simply rinse the tree. We recommend placing the tree in your kitchen sink and thoroughly wetting the leaves under the faucet or spraying them with the hose. The tree will take about thirty minutes to an hour to drip dry. Once it has dried, it is ready to be displayed! We recommend rinsing the tree about once a week. If it feels dry between waterings, try misting it every few days to keep the leaves hydrated. 


Remember, this tree is full of live Tillandsia so be sure to keep it where other plants, especially air plants, do well in your home. Avoid areas that are drafty or near furnaces, radiators, fireplaces, or other heat sources that will dry out your plants. Provide bright natural light for several hours a day, if possible. Consistent full-spectrum LED or fluorescent lighting will also work if sunlight is limited. 

What to Expect Upon Arrival

We pack the delicate trees with as much care and caution as possible! If there is an instance where some of the plants on your tree look a little squished, water them per the above instructions and they will perk up after a day or so. The mesh wire frame is slightly pliable so if it shifts in transit, it can be straightened out without harming the plants. 

Our 30-Day Guarantee

We stand behind our trees! If yours arrives with a dead or severely damaged air plant, gently remove it from the tree and contact customer service at We’ll replace unsalvageable plants one time within 30 days of delivery. 

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