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Top Picks for Mother's Day Gifts

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, shopping for the perfect gift can be overwhelming. Luckily, we curated a short list of our favorite air plant gifts for all types of moms. Air plants are ideal because they are beautiful and low-maintenance plus, they last longer than traditional cut flowers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Check out our air plant care page to learn more about watering, lighting and more.

1. DIY Hanging Glass Terrariums

Available in a diamond or pentagon shape, these multifaceted glass terrariums have black metal accents and can hold small to medium-sized air plants. Admire the plants alone from any angle or add the river rock and moss kit for only $3.95 for an elegantly natural look. The terrariums can be hung up in her favorite room or displayed on any flat surface. Pricing starts at $23.95 plus shipping. 

air plant tillandsia glass diamond shaped terrarium
Tillandsia air plant large ceramic container display with mini xerographica

2. Large White Hanging Ceramic Pod

Show off a Xerographica or two medium plants with this three-sided airy display. The ceramic pod comes with a hemp string for hanging and also can be placed on an accent table or countertop due to its flat bottom. The large pod with either plant option comes out to under $30 plus shipping! 

3. Gray Ceramic Stone Air Plant Holder

The gray ceramic stones provide a cool and natural feel to any room. Each includes a Tillandsia air plant and chartreuse reindeer moss. Send one on its own for only $12.95 or buy sets of three or more at a discounted price starting at $33.02 plus shipping. 

Gray ceramic stone tillandsia air plant holder with red abdita
3 ceramic ivory vases with assorted tillandsia air plants

4. Hanging Ivory Ceramic Vases 

Our ivory ceramic vases come in size small or large and include assorted air plants – the plants are hand-selected to adequately fit in the container. Purchase a single vase starting at $12.95 plus shipping or save when you buy sale packs which allow her to hang them at different heights and create a stunning display!

5. Gift Wrapped Air Plant Grab Bag with Fertilizer and Mister

If your mom already has plenty of options to place and decorate with air plants, our most popular grab bag of small and medium air plants is the gift you’ve been searching for! It comes as a bundle of ten and includes fertilizer and an elegant gold air plant mister. Everything is included for $39.95. Plus, we do all the gift wrapping for you! Add a clump of beautiful Spanish Moss for only five dollars more!

If you need more inspiration, we have a gift collection with even more options. If you’re still not sure which air plant and accessory is perfect for your mother, consider giving them the gift of choice through a gift card to Air Plant City! That way they can receive exactly what they want for Mother’s Day.

At Air Plant City, we are dedicated to providing fast and quality air plants and accessories. If you are not completely satisfied with the health and vitality of your air plants, we will replace them at no cost to you. Check out our 30-day guarantee!

Happy Mother's Day!

air plant city branded gift bag with assorted tillandsia

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