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Air Plant Watering - Tap Water or Not?

When you soak your plants, do you use tap water straight from the faucet? I don't advise tap water unless it sits out for awhile. Keep a bucket handy and fill with water then sit outside in the sun. This helps to remove chlorine. You can also let the bucket also collect rain water.

Remember that airplants collect their nutrients via the water and droppings from birds and dying bugs naturally. Have a bird or a fish pond? Either leavings are great natural fertilizer. When I clean the filter in my fish pond, I collect some of it in my bucket. I then add water as needed and use this to hydrate my plants. You can do the same thing when you clean out your bird cage or fish tank. Just remember that this is a natural fertilizer and you do not have to use a store bought product on top of it. Too much fertilizer will damage the plants

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