Glass Teardrop Terrariums with Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants

Air Plant Highlight: Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha is a staple air plant with its eye-catching colors and shape. What starts off as a small collection of green or silver leaves grows into a stunning air plant displaying colorful shoots and flowers. Ionantha are known to grow purple shoots that produce yellow or white flowers. When the plant is blooming like this, its leaves can also change color to take on pink or red hues. These colors are part of what gives Tillandsia Ionantha its nickname, “the blushing bride air plant".

Blushing Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant


Aside from this plant’s unique colors and beautiful appearance, another interesting fact about Tillandsia Ionantha is that it is an epiphytic species, meaning it obtains its nutrients and moisture from the air around it through its leaves instead of through soil. This also means it has the ability to grow on other plants or tree branches. Because Ionantha is an epiphytic plant, it should not be potted the way most plants would be. Displaying your plant in a glass terrarium is a good way to make sure it has enough space. Plus, Ionantha is a great addition to any plant lover’s collection because their colors and containers add a dynamic design element to any space. 


Blushing Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra Air Plants

Tillandsia Ionantha is native throughout Mexico, the Carribean and Central and South America. These plants originate from many places, resulting in several varieties of Ionantha. These varieties, or eco-types, are all a little different based on the varying climates, altitudes and environments in their native zones. Examples of different varieties that we sell include Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican, Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra, Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa, Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemalan, and Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego.


Out of this list, Ionantha Scaposa grow the largest, and are found in higher elevations in Central America. Ionantha Guatemala (also called Ionantha Ionantha) is generally found in lower, hotter and dryer climates. Ionantha Rubra is found in comparatively more humid climates compared to that of Ionantha Guatemala (but at a similar elevation). However, each varietal is quite forgiving to temperature and water. Because of these plants’ vast origins, they are tolerant of many conditions. Many people are attracted to Ionantha for their low-maintenance upkeep. Ionantha are known to be generally healthy plants, so they typically do well with a routine misting or soaking a few times a week.

Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants in Nature Attached to a Tree


When it comes to light, Ionantha need just the right amount of light to allow them to flower without drying out. Indirect sunlight is recommended for these plants, but be sure they aren’t completely covered by shade. Also consider the temperature and air circulation of your plant’s location. These plants need good air circulation to encourage blooming, and they do best in warm temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Tillandsia Ionantha is an exciting plant to care for. Healthy plants will reward you with a colorful bloom!

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