3 Flat Bottom Terrariums with Moss and River Stone Kit containing Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

Our Top Picks for Mother's Day Gifts!

It's Almost Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner–hint, hint! Luckily we curated a short list of the perfect air plant gifts for any and all types of moms. If you need more inspiration, we have a gift collection with even more options. Additionally, as if you needed more convincing, air plants are the perfect gift because they are beautiful and low maintenance plus, they last longer than traditional cut flowers! Check out our air plant care page to learn more about watering, lighting and more.

1. Hanging Metal Pendants with Assorted Air Plants 

Our handcrafted diamond pendants are a unique way to suspend any small to medium tillandsia–and it already comes with one hand-picked, assorted plant. The black iron pendant will not rust or discolor from moisture as they are dipped in plant-safe sealant. Hang them with fishing line for a floating appearance or with twine to create a more natural vibe. This gift is also very cost effective at only $8.95 plus shipping–so much so that rounding up to our three pack of pedants to create a balanced display is a feasible option at $23.90 plus shipping!
Black Metal Hanging Pendant with Tillandsia Abdita Air Plant
3 White Ceramic Geometric Containers with Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

2. White Geometric Ceramic Containers with Large Assorted Air Plants  

These 20 sided-geometric containers are a customer favorite because they are fun and funky! The glossy ceramic makes for a balanced contrast to the natural colors of the large air plants that come in the pack. We love placing these containers on windowsills and coffee tables to add a pop of bright white! Our three pack of ceramic containers with three large air plants are currently $23.90!

3. Stunning Air Plant Terrariums with Red Abdita 

This spectacular pack of three blown-glass terrariums–about four inches wide and four and a half inches tall–come with air plants, reindeer moss and river stones. Terrarium kits are foolproof gifts for the mom that is crafty and loves DIY. Plus, building the terrarium together is a sweet gesture for a post-Mother’s day activity! This gift is extremely versatile with flat bottoms and a hook on top so they can be displayed on a flat surface or hung from the ceiling. Buy now on sale for only $29.95 plus shipping!
Flat Bottom Glass Globe Terrarium with Moss, River Stones and Tillandsia Red Abdita Brachycaulos Air Plant
Driftwood Vase with Mini Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant

4. Driftwood Container with Mini Xerographica 

Our driftwood containers are large and come with assorted air plants. The containers come as individuals or three or six packs meaning you can customize your gift based on budget and your mother’s preference. The containers are a beautiful light wash driftwood which give off a modern yet neutral feel–the perfect addition to any decor!

5. Air Plant Grab Bag of Small, Medium or Large Air Plants 

If your mom already has plenty of options to place and decorate with air plants, our most popular grab bag of small, medium or large air plants is the gift you’ve been searching for! It comes as a bundle of ten, twenty or thirty–the more you get, the more you save. Plus, we pick out the best air plants in stock so we do the hard part for you! The pack will include at least six different varieties. Add on a one year supply of air plant fertilizer packet for just $4.75 plus shipping!
Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants

If you’re still not sure which air plant and accessory is perfect for your mother, consider giving them the gift of choice through a gift card to Air Plant City! That way they can receive exactly what they want for Mother’s Day.

At Air Plant City, we are dedicated to providing fast and quality air plants and accessories. If you are not completely satisfied with the health and vitality of your air plants, we will replace them at no cost to you. Check out our 30 day guarantee! Happy Mother's Day!

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