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Top 5 Trending Air Plant Wedding Ideas

In recent years air plants have grown increasingly popular. We often see them in grand hotels as centerpieces or featured on huge walls of museums or given out to guests as party favors – and why not? They require less maintenance and last longer! This brilliant idea has now been picked up by wedding planners who make beautiful air plant wedding centerpieces, bouquets, alter features and so much more for their clients with less worry that the plants won't last the entire event.

Air plant wedding orders have become a large part of our online wholesale orders (available for business and non-business buyers at the same price). The simple and unique beauty of air plants is guaranteed to set any event apart from the rest! Therefore, we curated our top five trending air plant wedding ideas!

1. Centerpieces 

Air plants are the ideal plant for wedding centerpieces because they can stand alone, without another plant or display element, or pair seamlessly with other foliage. Plus, their vibe is so versatile that it meshes well with all styles! Popular among these arrangements are Harrisii, Abdita, Caput Medusae, and Xerographica with small white shining (furry) stars on top–the Tectorum. It is even popular for designers to use a sculptured wireframe to build a large plant structure as the centerpiece.

tillandsia air plant wedding centerpiece
tillandsia air plant wedding bouquet

2. Bridal Bouquets

Front and center of many trending bridal bouquets is the majestic queen of air plants, the large Xerographica, often combined with fresh and dried flowers. The unique texture plus green and grey hues are guaranteed to add to the bride’s beauty! The varying leaf shapes and hues of eucalyptus are frequently found in bridal bouquets and displays. Otherwise, go for a simple bouquet look with a variety of Ionantha or an, ideally blooming, Aeranthos. We've seen so many different styles of bridal air plant bouquets from our customers – the possibilities are truly endless!

3. Table Decorations

Centering the reception tables with simple or grand arrangements like multiple air plants on a large wood pieces is a beautiful way to bring guests together as new friends. Plus, talk about an easy talking point for guests! Velutina, Tectorum and a couple of smaller Ionantha Guatemala organically pair well with a piece of grapewood or driftwood. Or experiment with one or multiple large glass terrariums with a custom arrangement inside! Check out our wholesale displays and containers now.

tillandsia air plant wedding centerpiece
tillandsia air plant wedding arch backdrop

4. Alter Arches, Arbors and Backdrops

A wedding decoration that has recently gained popularity is creating a metal or wood arch or backdrop with air plants, fresh flowers and dried flowers for the alter to frame the happy couple. Imagine a gorgeous bohemian macrame curtains or a bunch of simple florals to define the alter and make a statement. The wedding photos will be Pinterest worthy! Furthermore, air plants are distinct yet diverse and can match with any wedding theme! We recommend larger air plants for a statement arch or backdrop such as Xerographica, Large Harrisii, Capitata Peach or thick Spanish Moss

5. Wedding Favors for Guests

A wedding feature that is regularly overlook is wedding favors for guests. But what's better than an air plant present? The gift that keeps giving! Most people choose to gift our modern driftwood containers with matching air plants or classic white geometric ceramic containers with assorted air plants. This seemingly small detail will certainly set your wedding apart from others because the memory will live on.  

tillandsia air plant wedding gifts

Using air plants for wedding décor is a trend that seems to be enjoying a long heyday due to the fact that weddings are sourced online more than ever. And, air plant decorations are more affordable than traditional flower arrangements especially with our wholesale buying options. These top five trending air plant wedding ideas will hopefully help you as you get your air plant display ideas rolling!

Feel free to reach out to our customer service via service@airplantcity.com with any question. Happy wedding planning!

Below is a collection of wedding photos from a customer's beautiful wedding in St Petersburg, Florida. Enjoy all the air plant wedding decor inspiration!

tillandsia air plant wedding bouquet
tillandsia air plant wedding decor
tillandsia air plant wedding decor
tillandsia air plant wedding decor table centerpiece
tillandsia air plant wedding table decor